Press Release on the statement by Mr. Vekuii Rukoro

Date: 31 August 2016

Issued by: Neville Andre Itope, Secretary for Information, Mobilization and Publicity

It is with dismay and disappointment that we experience tribal and divisive statement uttered by Mr. Vekuii Rukoro recently, who referred to the Government of the Republic of Namibia as an “Ovambo Government”.

Namibia is a peaceful country and statements such as those being uttered by Mr. Vekuii Rukoro has a potential to incite violence. We therefore condemn it in the strongest terms. We have institutions that protect our hard won peace and these should not be harmed by some reckless and self-serving individuals. Therefore, we urge all Namibians to preserve the peace and stability that we enjoy in Namibia.

It is our belief that the statement by Mr. Vekuii Rukoro is his own personal view and not that of his subjects. We thus call up on all peace loving Namibians to distance themselves from such tribal tendencies. The Government has Harambee Prosperity Plan which is urging all Namibians to unite and move in the same direction. We thus call up on all Namibians to take the call by the President, His Excellency Dr. Hage Geingob, and be part of building a strong Namibian house. Additionally, we support His Excellency The President for his statement on the utterance of Mr. Rukoro.

The SWAPO Party Government is an inclusive Government and does not discriminate any one because of his/her tribal background. The Government provides aggrieved citizens with the opportunity to express their problems respectfully through our democratic institutions. As Namibians, we live together without any hate towards each other and Mr.  Rukoro should not think he will disturb the unity we have in our country.

As per the SWAPO Party Youth League Constitution, Article 3 (1), we are aimed “to be vigilant and constantly combat all forms and tendencies of nepotism, favouratism, moral decay, tribalism, individualism, corruption, racism, regionalism and all reactionary conduct among the youth in the Namibian society”

We, the SWAPO Party Youth League, will therefore, protect this country against any divisive tendencies and we will continue building this country on the foundation of strong unity of purpose. We therefore call up Mr. Vekuii Rukoro to apologize to the President and the entire Namibian Nation for his statement. This country does not need such tendencies and it must be buried with immediate effect.

The statement by Mr. Vekuii Rukoro has no difference from that of Mr. Mishake Muyongo who incited conflict in the then Caprivi Region. His statement warrant an expulsion from the SWAPO Party if he does not apologize.

Let us build this country in the spirit of “One Namibia, One Nation” and listen to the call by His Excellency Dr. Sam Nujoma when he said “The people united, striving for a common good for all members of the society will always emerge victorious”.

Our enemy is poverty, hunger and diseases. Let us fight to eradicate them in our lifetime.

Long live Namibia!!!

Long live SWAPO!!!!!!

Long live Dr. Hage Geingob



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