Issued by: Neville Andre Itope, Secretary for Information, Mobilization & Publicity

Date: 02 September 2016

The NamibIan Newspaper covered a story on Thursday, 01 September 2016 with the heading “Engineer refuses to supervise black trainee”. The SWAPO Party Youth League investigated the issue and was provided with the evidence of the unfortunate incident mentioned in the above-referred article.

Cde. Ankita Ndakukamo is a young Namibian engineer, and a woman. She is an inspiration of thousands of young people who wish to realize their potential by achieving qualifications in the critical areas of development including engineering. As Namibians, we are supposed to be proud of her and render our necessary support to enable her to achieve her next level as a registered Geo-Technical Engineer.

However, it is disappointing that some professionals in our country, such as Mr. Strauss still habour racist tendencies against their fellow Namibians. Article 23 (1) of the Namibian Constitution prohibits racial discrimination and practices of Apartheid.

We will not allow young professionals to be treated in such a manner in a democratic country by a self-centered racists. Namibians have experienced racial discrimination for many years before the attainment of its Independence on 21 March 1990. The Government have since adopted the policy of One Namibia One Nation. All Namibians from all background ought to have accepted the One Namibia One Nation in their everyday life. Furthermore, the Government has launched the Harambee

Prosperity Plan which is urging all Namibians to work together and develop the entire Nation. We call up on Mr. Alwyn Strauss to publicly apologize to Cde. Ankita Ndakukamo for his racist remarks he uttered in the telephone conversation. In addition to that, we urge the Engineering Council of Namibia to investigate this issue, and ensure that Cde. Ndakukamo is given the opportunity to be supervised so that she can be registered.

The Government require private sector contribution to develop this country and it is clear that Mr. Strauss does not want to work with the Government. It is therefore our call to Government not to provide any future works to Mr. Strauss Company. He can as well emigrate to countries where there are only white people. We have also learned that the Engineering Council of Namibia have a tendency of “White is right”. These racial tendency of “White is right” refers to the discrimination of black engineers that would like to be registered because the management of Engineering Council of Namibia is not registering black professionals. We call up on the Ministry of Works and Transport and Employment Equity Commission to investigate racial discrimination at the Engineering Council of Namibia. Furthermore, we advise the Government to establish an Engineering Board that will comprise of Government and private sector representative to deal with applications of engineers to be registered.

We are aware of a group of young people who have decided to address the issue of Cde. Ankita Ndakukamo with different institutions, and we strongly support their efforts and call up on all young people from different backgrounds, irrespective of colour and political affiliation to confront racism and deal with racial elements in our society.

Let us join hands to ensure the realization of Harambee Prosperity Plan.

Long live SWAPO Party!!!

Long live SPYL!!!

Long live Republic of Namibia!!!!

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