Addressed by Cde Job Shipululo Amupanda, SPYL Secretary for Information, Publicity and Mobilization

SWAPO Party National Headquarters

8 May 2013

The Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL) held its National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting at Vaalgrass village in the Karas Region. The Vaalgrass NEC meeting follows the 3rd NEC meeting also held at Efinde Village in the Ohangwena Region.

The 5th SPYL leadership has taken a deliberate decision, in this political year and beyond, to go conduct its meetings at remote villages where the downtrodden and the despondent reside, often without hope for the better future.

At Vaalgrass, NEC was received and had engagement with the Vaalgrass Chief, Comrade Joel Stephanus, who spoke about the history and role of the Vaalgrass community in the national liberation of the motherland. Chief Stephanus provided fatherly love to the NEC and together with the people of Vaalgrass made NEC feel at home. We also met Cde Rev. Willem Konjore who provided NEC with important historical lessons for future transmission. We salute Chief Stephanus and wish him the best as a revolutionary traditional leader of his people.


NEC congratulated the SWAPO Party for its 53rd anniversary. We promise the leadership that we will protect and defend the SWAPO Party and its rich history come hell or high water. We will take up arms if necessary in ensuring that Namibia remains free forever. As Economic Freedom Fighters, we further assure Political Feedom Fighters that they can retire with full confidence that we shall carry the struggle forward. We welcome, with joy, the remarks by the Vice President of the SWAPO Party, Comrade Dr. Hage G. Geingob, at Khorixas, particularly where he rekindled the role of the youth in the liberation struggle and the journey forward of Economic Freedom led by the SPYL.


The SPYL has its program of action based on the 3 pillars. These are Youth Empowerment, Rural Development and Genuine Economic Empowerment. NEC debated at length on the posture of the program of action in general and Rural Development pillar in particular. The debate was necessitated by an outlook that Informal Settlements, home to more than 400 000 Namibians, seem not to benefit from our Advocacy and Power to influence radical change. To this end, NEC resolved to expand the Rural Development pillar to include Informal Settlement thus “Rural and Informal Settlement Development". Said differently, the pillars of our program of Action are now Youth Empowerment, Rural and Informal Settlement Development, and Genuine Economic Empowerment.


Namibians from all works of life look up to the SPYL as the vanguard of the Namibian transformation touching all that needs touching for the benefit and harmony of our people. As such, NEC Resolved that all Local Authorities in Namibia establish what is to be known as Lost and Found Offices. The Lost and Found Offices are to be well organized central venues where those that lost their items, goods and valuables can go and reunite with their items. It is the central organized venues where those that found items, goods and valuables of others can go drop these. As such, the SPYL will engage the Association of Local Authorities in Namibia (ALAN) for the implementation of this decision.


NEC has noted, with appreciation, the advancement preparation of the 12 of May Movement, an event aimed to celebrate the life and legacy of the leader of the Namibian Revolution, Dr. Sam Nujoma. All is set for Onawa yaKiliana village in Okatana this Sunday. The President of the SWAPO Party and the entire leadership of SWAPO is invited and will attend the event. We congratulate the SPYL leadership in Oshana for such commitments and dedication. NEC is proud and happy. We thank Corporate Citizens who came in handy to assist us in making this event a success. We thank the NBC and many other progressive organizations. We take an eagle note of some corporate leaders who were giving lousy excuses as to why they cannot make donations to the 12 of May Movement. We remind these that without the Leader of the Namibian Revolution, they would not be enjoying themselves as is the case. They would probably be cleaners and messenger boys. We further remind them that power to cause action, even in the parastatals, remains with the SWAPO Party. We inform the Namibian Youth that while other titles bestowed upon Dr. Sam Nujoma are important, we inform our members that the title of Leader of the Namibian Revolution is and must always be Supreme.


It must become a fashion in the SWAPO Party that cadres be required to go through sections, branches, districts and regional structures before being deployed in position of responsibility.


NEC is happy with the developments in the Dr. Abraham Iyambo Education Fund. We welcome the pledge of 13 Scholarships made available by the International University of Management (IUM) to the Fund. It is our hope that UNAM and Polytechnic of Namibia will follow suit on the same. We are currently busy identifying SPYL members at UNAM and Polytechnic to benefit from Study Material sponsorships from the Fund.


NEC is happy with current indigenization friendly legislation processes that are unfolding with a view to transform the Tender board. We particularly thank the Minister of Finance, Comrade Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, a graduate of SPYL, for her tenacity and tender ear. The Tenderboard stands at the center of economic empowerment and transformation. Youth Empowerment and Genuine Economic Empowerment should be central in the input, conduct and output of the Tenderboard.


We commend and appreciate government effort in developing the country infrastructures. To this end, we call on the Ministry of Works and Transport to construct dual roads between Ondangwa and Ongwediva, between Rehoboth and Windhoek; Okahandja and Windhoek and other roads as these roads are entirely congested by traffic.


We take note that while it is desired by the Decentralization Policy to have development injected with bottom-up approach by having Village Development Committee (VDC), feeding Constituency Development Committees; we have learnt that VDCs have become white elephants. We will engage Cde General Namholo, the line Minister, to see how the VDCs can be activated.


Our Moral values should be upheld and protected by state policy. Alcohol and drug abuse should be condemned at all times. Most importantly, we must uphold traditional values and not suck up to imported practices such as the so-called homosexuals. We emphatically condemn homosexuality with the contempt it deserves. The so called opinions and views of human rights as a cover of homosexuality must be tested before a National referendum. Let those who are advocates of homosexuality come out so we can see them.

Cognizance of the SPYL Congress Resolution on Culture, we call for the respect of the Traditional Leaders and Culture. Youth must attend Traditional days, events and festivities with pride. In fact, our members must be seen spearheading and actively participating in these events.

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