29 May 2013

To gain favours from the political triumphalist and so-called “regime in waiting”, in a Machiavelli fashion, is has become a practice for Namibians leading state institutions to demonstrate their loyalty by launching scathing attacks on those who dared to exercise their democratic postures and have a different view in the 2012 political crusades.

Doing this, apparently demonstrate their loyalty to “The Prince” and makes them fashionable. Comrade Professor Lazarus Hangula, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Namibia, seem to have been captured by this bandwagon when he recklessly launched unorthodox attacks against Comrade Richard Nchabi Kamwi, the Minister of Health and Social Services, in a statement dated 28 May 2013.

He pusillanimous waited for the Minister to leave for Geneva to accuse him of discrediting “(a) the School of Medicine through different means; (b) by attacking the quality of UNAM trained nurses through the media; and (c) by spearheading or actively supporting the establishment and running of “Welwitschia University.” He argued that the Minister has been attacking UNAM since taking office and is conflicted

He, however, did not indicate the steps and efforts he took to resolve the purported contradictions between UNAM and the Minister. Ordinarily, one expect a person of Professor’s caliber not to harbor sentiments in his heart, for all these years, but to engage the parties concerned with a view to resolve the problems as they may appear from time to time. He could, for example, sought the intervention of his line Minister, Dr. David Namwandi, the Minister of Education, to mediate between himself and the Comrade Kamwi.

The only explanation we can conceive presently, owing to the deliberate surpassing of existing customary conflict resolution procedures, is that Professor Hangula is captured by a bandwagon of attacking those who were on the other side of the river, in order to gain favours from the political triumphalist.

The Historian goes to obliquely declare the Minister as a failure. The failures we know are insecure gate keepers hiring expatriates at the expense of Namibians. The Failures that we know are those that arrange and distribute tenders to their contemporaries who are yet to build hostels since the dubious award 5 years ago. The Failures we know are those currently engraved in Court Cases answering to processes that can be perceived to border around unpatriotic tendencies, maladministration and incompetence. Failures are those accused by their corridors of hiring and promoting their merit-less close relatives and friends.

Dr. Kamwi is not a failure as alleged by Professor Historian. We know that the infection rate for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria now stand at 1,3 per 1 000 people, compared to 10,4 per 1 000 people in 2010; Namibia has made giant strides in the provision of anti-retroviral (ARV) treatment for HIV/Aids patients, with 87% of those infected with the disease currently receiving treatment; over 90% of pregnant women with HIV/Aids are also receiving treatment. President Pohamba, due to the effort of Comrade Nchabi, was awarded the African Leaders Malaria Alliance (ALMA) Award for Excellence in Impact and Implementation in the fight against malaria by the UN Secretary General, Ban ki Moon.

We remind the Professor that while he is taking his turn in the bandwagon Assembly line, Comrade Kamwi is attending the World Health Assembly (WHA) where Namibia is serving in its General Committee, for the first time since independence. Comrade Vice Chancellor will do well to learn that Namibia will now serve in the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO). If the Professor is indeed interested in genuinely resolving problems that Namibia faces, he must use platforms and processes made available by government instead of behaving as if he were a Newspaper Columnist. To this end, we call on Namibians to dismiss the oppositionistic statement of Professor and rather wait for directions from the Government of the Republic of Namibia through the line ministries.


Kanandjembo Shipululo Amupanda, SPYL Spokesperson ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

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